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For anything in the world except ...

When the «Veloblitz» called me and let me know that I would become a bike messenger, one of my biggest dreams came true, which I would not have given up for anything in the world. Except – an equally big dream.

My boyfriend (right) and me on Koh Phangan

My boyfriend (right) and me on Koh Phangan

My name is Maik Disch, I come from Malans in the canton of the Grisons (in Switzerland) and I've not only given up one of my biggest dreams – but everything. Since then I've nothing more. Except a small backpack. And with this small backpack – I travel today as a web designer and digital nomad around the world. And I'm accompanied by my beloved boyfriend, who also became a digital nomad.

I never thought that I would one day lead this life. Sometimes I still can't believe it today. Like last week when we stopped in Muscat and I drank camel milk – from Austria.